Conversation article on Arvid Carlsson

The-Conversation-logoI’ve tweeted about this already, but worth highlighting again. I’ve written a piece for the Conversation on the late Arvid Carlsson and the contribution that his work on dopamine made to the development of drugs for Parkinson’s disease. Read all about it below:



Inform award

informI was delighted to receive a research engagement and impact award here at the University of Reading this evening, on behalf of everybody involved in the Parkinson’s 200 events held last year to make the bicentennial of the publication of James Parkinson’s essay on the shaking palsy. Many thanks to Sally Bromley, Chrystalina Antoniades and everyone at the Oxford Parkinson’s UK branch!

Tau and Cancer

canres_510x88_1Claudia from the group is an author on a paper just out in Cancer Research showing that mutations in theĀ MAPT gene, which codes for the protein tau, can predispose to cancer. These mutations have long been known to cause dementia, so this is a fascinating insight into the underlying changes in biology shared by these very different diseases.

LRRK2 and Tuberculosis


And just out in EMBO Journal, an article from Max Gutierrez and Matthias Trost (to which I contributed) investigating how LRRK2 is involved in the biology of Mycobacteria. A fascinating paper that has been over five years in the making, and one that has some very interesting implications for LRRK2 and for Parkinson’s disease. Read all about it here: