Gordon Research Conference On Parkinson’s


I’m over in Maine this week, attending the Gordon Research Conference on Parkinson’s at the Sunday River resort up in the Northern Appalachian mountains. Already a fascinating meeting, and it has only just begun.


…and an Expert Opinion

IETTJust out in Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Targets, Susanna Cogo, Elisa Greggio and I talk about LRRK2 as a drug target.

The manuscript is available online here:


I am working on the gold open access for this, and will post an update once it is up and available for all to read!

PLoS Medicine article online


Just out in PLoS Medicine, a study from Alastair Noyce on the interplay between body mass index (BMI) and risk for Parkinson’s disease. This uses a genetic technique called Mendelian randomisation to test whether there is a causal link between two areas of biology. Fascinatingly Alastair’s results suggests that increased BMI is associated with a reduced risk of Parkinson’s, although what underlies this link isn’t clear and there are significant health implications of raised BMI beyond PD. A very thought provoking piece indeed.

Read all about it at: