Comments in The Independent

A couple of comments from myself and from two other academics (David Dexter of Parkinson’s UK and Christopher Morris from Newcastle University) on a paper just published by a group at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm showing that Astrocytes can be converted into Dopaminergic neurons.

Read our comments here:

And the original paper here:


GPNMB paper in Neurogenetics


Just out in Neurogenetics, Megha Murthy and Daniah Trabzuni from the lab have published a study of a region on chromosome 7 that is associated with Parkinson’s disease in the most recent genome wide association study. By looking at gene expression in the region, they identified variation in GPNMB as the most likely cause of that association – you can read all about it here.

James Parkinson article

My article on James Parkinson has been reposted by the Parkinson’s Life website, available at the link below:

The original article, particularly pertinent in this year of the bicentenary of James Parkinson, is available to download for free from the Journal of Parkinson’s disease:

And for those who are really interested, these are links to reprints of the Essay on the Shaking Palsy: