School of Pharmacy PhD Showcase


Today was the annual University of Reading School of Pharmacy PhD showcase, where the PhD students in the school get to talk about all the exciting science they have been doing. James from the lab was talking about his work developing an interactome map for the ROCO proteins, hopefully coming to a journal near you soon.


AD/PD – Vienna 2017


Claudia Manzoni, Daniah Trabzuni and Megha Murthy from the group are all in Vienna this week at the AD/PD meeting. Daniah and Claudia are giving talks (Claudia at the International Parkinson’s Disease Consortium meeting), and Megha is giving a poster presentation about her research into the PD risk locus on chromosome 7 – which has just been accepted for publication (more details on this soon). I’m looking after the lab, waiting for the arrival of a new laboratory member with a due date of the 16th of April.

200 Years of Parkinson’s disease

Many thanks to the Reading University Psychology society for inviting me to speak at their Brain Awareness week symposium on Parkinson’s disease. I talked about some of the milestones in 200 years of Parkinson’s research, since James Parkinson wrote his essay on the Shaking Palsy (the Youtube video of this is above). Coincidently, the Journal of Parkinson’s disease has an open access issue out now that covers a number of these milestones (click on the link below for access).