FTD network analysis


Just out in the Journal of Proteome Research – Claudia Manzoni from the lab along with Raf Ferrari have put together a network analysis of the protein interactomes of genes implicated in frontal temporal dementia. Read all about it here:


(this will be open access once the proofs have gone through)


Engaging with the literature…

img_0640I took part in a fascinating meeting this afternoon at the Museum of English Rural Life (MERL), which is part of the University of Reading. It was focused on anti-microbial resistance, but the highlight for me was leaving through two amazing first editions of true milestones in science – books by Robert Hooke (pictured) and Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, both from the collections in Cole library here at the University. Breathtaking.

LRRK2 review

dorienOut now in Molecular Neurodegeneration – a rather interesting review from Dorien Roosen and Mark Cookson on LRRK2 and what it might be doing in the autophagy/endosomal/lysosomal pathways linked to Parkinson’s disease. In the interests of full disclosure, Dorien is jointly supervised between myself and Mark.

Read all about it here:


Commentary on Cell paper

Very interesting paper just out in Cell from a group over in California showing that by modulating the gut microbiome of mouse model for Parkinson’s disease you can influence the pathological events in the brain. Comments from me in the Science Media Centre press release are available at:


A news story on the BBC website is available at:


And the original paper is available on the link below: