Biochemical society meeting on LRRK2

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 10.54.36

I’ve spent the last three days (along with most of my group) attending the Biochemical Society focused meeting on LRRK2 at Henley Business School on the banks of the Thames. Along with Kirsten Harvey from UCL and Elisa Greggio from the University of Padova I had the honour of organising the meeting, and we had over 100 attendees from across the globe, and from academia, charities and industry, to hear the latest research on LRRK2. A fascinating meeting, and from the sounds of it there is a lot of appetite for a follow up!


Talk at Astex pharmaceuticals


Earlier this week I had the pleasure of heading over to Cambridge to give a talk on LRRK2 at Astex pharmaceuticals. Always interesting to hear about what industrial researchers are most interested in, and where the priorities are for developing drug targets.