Visit to the Cirencester and Stroud Parkinson’s UK branch

Claudia Manzoni and I took a trip out to Gloucestershire yesterday to visit the Cirencester and Stroud Parkinson’s UK branch. I gave a short talk on genetics and Parkinson’s (very similar to the one available on youtube that I gave in Belfast last year – see if you are interested in watching this). It was great to chat to the branch members, and hopefully they got an insight into some of the research that their fund raising helps make possible.


Association for Science Education talk

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The Association for Science Education have been in town, holding their annual conference at the University of Reading. As part of this, academics from the University (including my good self) have been giving short seminars on their research – giving science teachers from across the UK access to the very latest in cutting edge science. My talk was on how genetics is changing the way we think about neurodegeneration, helping us to develop potential new therapies.

BBSRC CASE studentship available

We’ve just been awarded funding for a BBSRC CASE studentship, available from October 2015. Details of this are available on the link below – email me if you are interested for more information.