Michael J. Fox Foundation Meeting


I am in New York this week, attending a Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research meeting on LRRK2. Always interesting to hear the latest in LRRK2 research, and to present some of our findings on what LRRK2 is doing and how it is expressed.


Seminar at the Oxford Parkinson’s Disease Centre


I gave a seminar on Monday at the Oxford Parkinson’s disease centre, a major research hub for Parkinson’s at the University of Oxford funded by Parkinson’s UK. Very enjoyable chatting to the researchers at the centre, including Dr Richard Wade-Martins who was hosting me, and hearing about the interesting results they are getting.

(editorial note: the seminar – and the OPDC – weren’t actually located in the Natural History Museum in Oxford, they are just behind there but in not such a pretty building)