Alzforum discussion

Here is an interesting piece from Alzforum discussing some of the data from the recent Keystone meeting, with a particular focus on lysosomal dysfunction in neurodegeneration:



Keystone Symposium on Parkinson’s disease


I have just returned from the Keystone symposium on Parkinson’s disease, which was most enjoyable (and not just for the skiing). Lots of fascinating talks, with the highlights being the data from Richard Youle (NIH) and Wade Harper (Harvard) talking about their investigations into PINK1 kinase substrates, along with some great data on LRRK2 biology from Mark Cookson (NIH) and the interplay between Alpha Synuclein and GBA from Dimitri Krainc (Northwestern). All told a great conference, with lots to think about.

Off to Colorado

I am now at heathrow airport waiting to board a plane to Denver to attend the keystone symposium on Parkinson’s disease. Should be a great conference, we have some outstanding speakers lined up and here is fresh powder awaiting us in the Rocky Mountains. A full report on the conference will follow…..