A Queen Square diaspora

Following my move to the University of Reading, there has been a bit of a changing of the guard, so I thought I would take this opportunity to look back on the last six years and wish everyone well for the future. We recently had a lunch at the magnificent Hare and Tortoise in the Brunswick centre (for those not familiar with the Hare and Tortoise, it is like Wagamamas but with knobs on) to celebrate a couple of papers going out and folk moving on. Adam (who has been doing postdoctoral research with myself and Rina Bandopadhyay at the Queen Square brain bank for the last few years) brought along his Canon-A1 camera, the product of which is below. Adam has just started a new job over at the National Institute of Health in Bethesda – so all the best for that Adam! Claudia is still plugging away at LRRK2 in the UCL labs, while Jack (who is doing a PhD with Rina) is coming to the end of his studies and is moving on to pastures new, and Sybille is exploring the world outside of research.


Left to right: Rina Bandopadhyay, Claudia Manzoni, Sybille Dihanich, Adamantios Mamais, Patrick Lewis and Jack Brelstaff


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