Nuffield student

Many thanks to the Nuffield foundation for supporting Katherine Chin, an A level student at Esher College, who has been in the laboratory for the last couple of weeks. Katherine has been having fun finding out about the different genes involved in Alzheimer’s disease, looking at how these genes are expressed in different regions of the human brain using a variety of databases that are now becoming available.


Expressing and splicing LRRK2

Very little is known about the expression and splicing of LRRK2 in the brain. Daniah Trabzuni and Mina Ryten in the department have been looking in to this, working with Vincent Plagnol from the UCL Genetics institute to try and understanding the genome wide linkage to LRRK2 in Parkinson’s disease. What they have found is that the expression of LRRK2, and in particular its splicing pattern, is fiendishly complicated – opening up a whole new area of research into LRRK2, with implications for our understanding of LRRK2 biology and its role in disease. Read more about this work online at PLoS One: